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Post  SkyBalton on Fri May 28, 2010 2:27 am

Hello there! Welcome to SkyBalton's private forum. Very Happy This forum is created for my friends in real life and also for my friends in the games that I played. If you are one of my friends in any of the game, do visit the respectful catagory. I will put up the names of the games and friends, do go and post something there. There are also catagories such as funny videos, pictures and many more. So do enjoy your stay here and rock on!

However, some rules do apply to my forum. First, no vulgarities allowed. Reasons for this rule is that vulgarities may offend others and may cause a conflict and spamming in the forum. The consequence for this rule is being banned from the forum. Second rule is no nudity. Reasons for this rule is that nudity may be against the law and this is a bad idea or omen you should not have. The consequence is being banned from the forum and also the local police will be called out to help identify the IP Address. Third rule is to not challenge authority. The reason for this rule is that some privacies may be given out to trusted friends and if the privacy is abused, forum searchers may not be able to find this forum easily. The consequence is being permanantly banned and black listed from this forum. With just these three simple rules followed, we can all make this forum the best place.

Although it's said that everyone is equal in this forum, we do have places and positions in this forum that have more authority that the others. Such positions can be purchased in games. Cash amounts are justified. You will have to pay the exact amount of money for the authority. The positions are as follows, from lowest authority to the highest authority: Forum User [Free Of Charge], Senior Forum User [S$2.00], Forum Clerk [SS$4.00] Forum Manager [S$6.00], Forum General Manager [S$8.00], Forum Secretary [S$10.00], Forum Adminstrator [Not For Sale].

Well, don't want to purchase? There's another way for you! You can either be the guest of the forum, by continuous support to this forum for a minimum of 60 days. If not you can be a Very Important Person [VIP], Very Very Important Person [V/VIP], Most Important Person [MIP]. All these positions are free of charge, but you need to give in your upmost support to this forum. Thank you and enjoy your stay, pay to SkyBalton only.


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